Our Worldwide Wrestlers, contact any for prices and availability -
We have UK guys in Birmingham, Derbyshire, Essex, Manchester, Lancashire, London, Merseyside, Newcastle, North Wales, Nottingham, Suffolk, Sunderland and Yorkshire. We also have wrestlers in Canada Alberta, France (Bordeaux, Marseilles and Paris), Ireland, Spain (Barcelona) and in the USA (Boston, California, Connecticut, Detroit, Iowa, Philadelphia, and Wisconsin) All will travel (for a fee!) anywhere in these countries. We are, alphabetically, AJNasty, Alex, Alex W, Angel, Bakia, Ben, Ben A, Blake, Caesar, Callum*, Chris, Cyril, Damian, Danny, DannyF, Darius, Dean*, Delinquent, Derik*, Dimitri, Ed, Emil, *Faxx*, *George*, *Hayes*, Ivan, Ivo, *Jack A* James, Jay, JC & EC, John,, Kevin, Kevin P, Kris, Leandro, LC*, Lee*, Mac, Mark, Marlow, Matt* Matt Fletcher, Max*, Maximus, Mike, Michael, Niko, Paul*, Ray, Rob, Robbie*.Sam*, Scott, Sohail, Stan, Steven*, *Steve Mason*, Teeko, Tommy, and William Each of us provides a non-sexual service where you, as the client, choose your style, rules, discipline, gear, duration, venue etc.. We’ll wrestle you, train you and make videos for you. Just ask and we’ll come back to you with cost and availability. Rates are reasonable, varying from £75 - £250 per hour, plus any applicable travel/accommodation expenses.